Once you retire, your salary stops with your employment. But you will still have bills to pay, of course. This means you need an income after you stop working. That is what your pension is for. You can have several types of pensions.

AOW state old age pension benefit from the Dutch government
The Dutch government has arranged for a basic income. This is the AOW state old age benefit. The rules and specific amounts of the AOW state old age pension benefit are available from the Social Insurance Bank website.

Pension via your employer
In addition to your AOW state old age benefit, you will receive the pension you accrued via your employer / employers. You can accrue pension up to age 68. The life-long pension is paid out from your retirement date onwards.

If your salary from ABN AMRO Bank or one of the subsidiary companies exceeds the fiscal limit you can join our net pension arrangement. For more information about the net pension arrangement, please read Layer 1 and 2 of the Pension 123 Net Pension Scheme under Downloads or contact the pensioendesk.

Arrange for extra pension personally
You can additionally arrange for extra pension based on personal deposits at your own initiative. Please contact a financial advisor for more information and advice.