ABN AMRO Pension Fund’s pension scheme provides a pension payment in two situations: a retirement pension upon retirement and a partner's pension and orphan's pension upon death.

Retirement pension
In principle, you accrue a pension at an annual rate of 1.875% of your pension basis. Upon retirement, we add up all the annually accrued pension amounts. The amount of pension you will receive from ABN AMRO Pension Fund therefore depends on your pension basis and the number of years you worked in a company that participates in ABN AMRO Pension Fund. Your life-long retirement pension will be paid out from your retirement date onwards.

Partner’s pension
Upon your death, your partner will receive a life-long partner’s pension from ABN AMRO Pension Fund if your partner is registered with our fund. The amount of the partner's pension is based on your retirement pension and the date of your death (pre-retirement or post-retirement).

Your partner must be known by us before your pension date in order to receive partner's pension. If you marry or arrange a registered partnership in the Netherlands you do not have to inform us. If you marry or arrange a registered partnership outside the Netherlands you do need to inform us. The same goes for living together in cohabitation (arranged with a notary): You need to inform us.

Orphan's pension
Your children can also rely on an allowance if you pass away. This is called the orphan's pension. The orphan’s pension per child amounts to 20% of the partner's pension. If both parents died, the orphan's pension is doubled. The orphan's pension will stop on your child’s 21st birthday.