ABN AMRO Pension Fund administers the pensions. It does this without gaining profit. Quality oriented and acting cost conscious are leading factors. The pension fund conforms to the agreements to be found in the pension rules and implementation agreement (or: convention).  The pension fund communicates in a clear and transparent manner with its stakeholders. This vision leads to a high-quality, cost conscious, transparent and sustainable pension organisation. Innovation remains important for the purpose of a better execution of the pension rules for all stakeholders. The pension fund strives to administer the current and any future pension arrangements offered by ABN AMRO Bank to both current and new participants.

Allocating and paying out pensions
In accordance with the Articles of Association and pension regulations, the Pension Fund grants and pays out pensions. The Pension Fund aims to achieve its objective of keeping pensions indexed as much as possible based on sensible investment policies and adequate risk management. We pay extensive attention to analysing and controlling financial and other risks.

Keeping pensions value fixed

As of 12th June 2014 our pension arrangement is a so called CDC-arrangement. This means the employer pays a fixed premium to the Pension Fund. The premium stays fixed, even if the Pension Fund has a shortage. That is why pensions might not be indexed each year. In an extreme situation pensions can be reduced as well.

Communication with due care
ABN AMRO Pension Fund wants everyone to understand the information on their pension rights or entitlements. We want you to understand the options, limitations and risks that you are faced with. Furthermore, we are committed to ensuring that participants are able to make sound decisions concerning their future income based on clear information.